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Aerotek Time and Expense Operations


Aerotek time and expense, a recruiting and staffing agency based in Hanover, Maryland, provides workforce management services and short-term and seasonal staffing solutions to clients in various industries, including accounting, administrative and support services, environmental services, and financial services, to name a few examples. The importance of diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of Aerotek’s core values. Their company culture is founded on guiding principles that allow them to establish and cultivate great relationships, which helps them link people with opportunities. 

Aerotek Time and Expense Jobs

As an Aerotek employee, you will be eligible for a variety of benefits, including a nationwide PPO with dental and vision coverage, life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment coverage, and disability coverage, as well as a 401(k) plan and paid vacation time. You may be able to take advantage of discounts on vehicle rentals, gadgets, entertainment, fashion, travel, and a variety of other services if you participate in the Employee Discount Program Ibomma.

Expense Activities

The Time and Expense Operations Associate is responsible for the processing and managing the Time Capture and Expense activities, with an overall focus on data collection, data integrity, and customer service, while maintaining a professional demeanor in all interactions with colleagues and customers.

Processing and Modifications

  • Customer service of the highest caliber should be provided in every interaction to ensure a positive work experience.
  • Ensure that timecards are collected and that time data is entered into the payroll system
  • To verify that payroll system submissions are accurate, time (regular, overtime, and other hours) and attendance must be checked against timesheet data and time entry system data.
  • Run reports to identify missing timecard information and/or discrepancies; collaborate with the contractor to confirm and fix timecard information.
  • Confirm that all compliance criteria have been completed to process payment; if any requirements are missing, they should be requested to execute payment through the payroll system.
  • Communicate with clients and contractors to obtain timecards and expense paperwork that have been approved.
  • Management of the time adjustment procedure (in the event of a time error), which includes the production of needed documentation, changes to the system, and contacts with impacted stakeholders
  • Controlling and tracking personal time off (PTO), absences, and other absences; keeping track of associated documentation and system upgrades.
  • Activities relating to auditing and problem-solving
  • Working closely with the field office to communicate required activities that must be completed in the field and interacting with the contractor for any necessary follow-ups will assist in issue resolution related to the TCE process to ensure customer satisfaction and timely resolution.
  • Validate time and attendance against timesheet data and, where applicable, invoice data.
  • Transmit difficult time and expense-related inquiries and issues to the TCE Supervisor as soon as possible for resolution.
  • Pay attention to the payment’s accuracy about expense forms, receipt backup, and client and regulatory requirements.
  • Time Central and PeopleSoft have features for managing time cards and billing audits and collections (including contacting contractors and clients for missing timecards.
  • Start, finish, and data entry are all examples of data entry.
  • Within 24 hours of the confirmed start or finish date for allocated field offices, enter all new hires and rehires for those field offices.
  • Audit the New Starts report and work with the field office to ensure accuracy.
  • Processes are completed by state-specific requirements to assure compliance.
  • Aid in the data entry of personal data updates, direct deposit, position changes, and the entry of start and finish dates for positions.


  • The ability to prioritize, organize, problem-solve, and fulfill deadlines and goals is essential.
  • The ability to communicate effectively and follow up on commitments
  • Possessing the capacity to operate in a team-oriented setting that is fair, open, and honest
  • Knowledge of company policies and practices, as well as of human resource practices.
  • Excellent written/oral communication and interpersonal abilities
  • Excellent decision-making abilities and ability to manage aerotek time and expense
  • Integrity, the capacity to maintain secrecy, and personal credibility are important.
  • Competence at delving deep into complex topics and developing new, effective answers
  • Understanding of the Allegis organization, including its background, complexity, dynamics, critical concerns, and driving forces, among other things
  • Understanding the impact of information on the operating company and how data will be used to support operating company decisions is critical to success.
  • Action- and detail-oriented; able to prioritize many tasks while managing a large workload
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